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Shuckle's Corn Maze at Fiddle Dee Farms is working hard to provide a family-oriented, fun-filled place for you and your guests.  To help make your experience a success, we've included some information that will assist you in preparing

for your visit with us.

     Prepare for a Day of Fun               

 What to Wear 

Most all of Fiddle Dee Farms activities are outdoor events.  It is necessary for you to wear appropriate clothing based on the weather conditions. For example, be sure to bring hats, visors, sunscreen, etc. during hot weather, and rubber boots during or right after really wet weather. Always wear sturdy footwear such as running shoes (open-toed shoes are not recommended), and come with comfortable clothing!  Because this is a family-oriented place, please no swimsuits.


We have a wide variety of food available on site that includes snacks, hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, funnel cakes, beverages, and more. We do not have drinkable tap water on site. However, we do sell bottled water for your convenience. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own bottled water or purchase it from the Fiddler's Stop.  No food or other drinks can be brought into Fiddle Dee Farms unless prior arrangements have been

made with management.


We love animals, but there are many people who are not comfortable around them and sometimes our farm animals get a litle jealous. Therefore, pets are not permitted at Fiddle Dee Farms except for certified service animals.


You are welcome to stay with us as long as you like. On average, families and groups spend three to four hours at Fiddle Dee Farms. We recommend you choose your length of stay based on your family or

group needs.



Remember that this is an outdoor event, so you may come in contact with pollen, dust, and insects such as mosquitoes and bees.  Although there is nothing out of the ordinary that you couldn't come into contact anywhere else, we do suggest that each individual bring their own allergy medications, EpiPens, etc. that you may need if you are prone to outdoor allergies


Fiddle Dee Farms tries to ensure that our site remains accessible. As you are visiting a farm, there is no pavement or sidewalks, so sometimes our site may get a little muddy in spots after heavy rains. Usually our site dries in an hour or two after a rain. Plus, it's a farm, so there are going to be bumps and uneven ground surfaces. If you are wondering what the conditions are like, just give us a call. We're here to help.

For More Info: 615-669-MAZE (6293)
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Christmas Dinner Show

615-669-MAZE (6293)
7526 Swift Road
Greenbrier, TN 37073

For More Information about The Barn at Fiddle Dee Farms or our Christmas Dinner Show click on the logos above

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