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With all the hustle and bustle we do as a society, it is increasingly difficult just to enjoy uninterupted time with each other.  There's nothing more peaceful than to sit around our bonfires or take a Hey Hey Hayride under a star-filled night.   So grab you a stick and marshmallows, or a hotdog to roast or just sit quietly and enjoy the country night air.  It's time to slow down, stop and make memories you won't soon forget.

  A Place to Sit, Relax and Spend Time With Each Other  

Take a ride -- a Hey Hey Hayride that is, all over Fiddle Dee Farm.  See nature at its best.  You will never know what animals you will see.  We've spotted deer, ducks, wild turkies, foxes and who knows what else will stroll by!  Make sure to keep a look-out while you enjoy the ride.


We get the bonfires going at night and especially when chilly weather comes rolling in.  Enjoy your time around one of our many bonfires or reserve your own fire pit for those special occasions.  You can also purchase marshmallows or  hot dogs at our concession stands and don't forget the hot chocolate and our gourmet hot apple cider. 

For More Info: 615-669-MAZE (6293)
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Christmas Dinner Show

615-669-MAZE (6293)
7526 Swift Road
Greenbrier, TN 37073

For More Information about The Barn at Fiddle Dee Farms or our Christmas Dinner Show click on the logos above

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